Discover the Wonders of Shibuya Parco

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Explore a distinctive blend of style, entertainment, and cultural fusion at Shibuya Parco’s Official Website. For a map and directions, please refer to Google Maps.

Your Ultimate Shopping and Cultural Destination

Dive into a universe of unparalleled shopping and cultural experiences at Shibuya Parco. This iconic establishment, nestled in the vibrant heart of Tokyo, is a sanctuary where revered brands like Pokemon, Nintendo, and Capcom converge. Revitalized in 2019, Shibuya Parco emerges as an eclectic oasis beyond its luxurious ground floor, unveiling ten floors of thematic allure and discovery.

A World of Thematic Allure

Every floor at Shibuya Parco is a narrative of its own, echoing the multifaceted vibrance of Tokyo’s retail and cultural scene. The sixth floor, known as Cyberspace Shibuya, is a sanctuary for aficionados of gaming, manga, and the revered otaku culture, housing Japan’s exclusive Nintendo and Capcom stores, the mesmerizing Shibuya Pokémon Centre, and a realm of manga wonders at the Shonen Jump shop.

Culinary Wonders and Panoramic Views

Amidst the retail splendor, the basement’s Chaos Kitchen invites visitors on a culinary odyssey inspired by Tokyo’s enigmatic alleyways. From the exclusive vegan izakaya to the eclectic offerings of Shinjuku Ni-chome’s renowned LGBT bar Campy, every taste is a journey of discovery. If you seek serenity, the rooftop terrace awaits, offering a tranquil retreat with breathtaking city views.

A Revived Legacy

Shibuya Parco’s rebirth in 2019 marked a resurgence of a legacy, epitomizing a harmonious blend of art, cinema, and a myriad of stores echoing Tokyo’s eclectic spirit. A stroll within its premises reveals the iconic neon letters of the erstwhile Parco sign, a nostalgic reminder of a heritage redefined and an emblem of the complex’s timeless allure.

Store Highlights:

  • Nintendo Store: Where the magical realms of Mario come alive.
  • Capcom Store Tokyo: A paradise for Capcom lovers, offering a collection that transcends the ordinary.
  • Pokémon Center Shibuya: A universe where the iconic Pokémon Mewtwo awaits, offering an adventure of enchantment.


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