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Japan Hanami, the blossoming of the cherry trees.

We will discover Japan on the road during the cherry blossom period, the famous Hanami and its most incredible cities!

“Sakura”: that’s what the Japanese call the cherry trees. And “Hanami” is their blossoming. Or rather: it is the art of observing cherry blossom petals. That is why, this trip, has something extraordinary about it. We will travel around Japan during the very period of Hanami, in March and April.

Hanami cherry blossom on the river with boat
Japanese Garden and Toori
Shinkansen Bullet Train

Futuristic Tokyo

An extraordinary journey to discover a fantastic and fascinating land: it will be an opportunity to get to know the vibrant Tokyo: trust your instincts, abandon all prejudices, be curious and experience without limits this city of a thousand contradictions that will inevitably enter your heart.


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