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Step Inside Shibuya Loft’s Wonderland

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Explore a diverse range of products and immerse in a world of creativity at Shibuya Loft’s Official Website. Navigate your way with ease using this Google Maps link.

A Harmonious Blend of Style and Functionality

At the doorstep of Shibuya Loft, the rhythmic melody emanating from the gear-wheel logo welcomes you to a Tokyo retail haven. The journey begins in the basement, a sanctuary of meticulously crafted stationery capturing the essence of Japanese artistry. It’s a colorful world where frixion pens, playful stickers by B-Side Label, and a myriad of Japan-themed souvenirs embody creativity and quality.

Multi-Levelled Treasure Trove

Every floor within Shibuya Loft unveils a treasure trove of discoveries. As you ascend, you traverse through realms of cosmetics, design gifts, and household items, each echoing a narrative of style and innovation. The 3rd floor’s &home cooking and dining section is a highlight, offering a collection of artisanal items like delicately crafted glasses and precision knives.

A Destination for the Eclectic Shopper

Shibuya Loft stands as a beacon of variety and innovation. Its seven floors are thematic spaces, housing a curated selection of goods that celebrate creativity, quality, and diversity. From the trendy cosmetics on the 2nd floor to the artistic and cultural gems on the 6th, Shibuya Loft is a microcosm of Tokyo’s vibrant and eclectic retail scene.

Every Floor Tells a Story

Stationery enthusiasts will find the basement a haven, while the upper levels cater to those in pursuit of health and beauty products, interior decor, and unique gifts. The incorporation of a wide range of items, each marked by quality and aesthetic appeal, makes Shibuya Loft a go-to destination for both locals and tourists seeking distinctive, high-quality Japanese goods.

Plan Your Exploration

Conveniently situated a brief walk from Shibuya Station, Shibuya Loft awaits your exploration every day from 11:00 to 21:00. It is not just a store but an experience – a living showcase of Tokyo’s dynamic retail culture, offering an eclectic mix of items that cater to diverse tastes and preferences.


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