Teshima Island

🌊 Teshima: Where Nature and Art Converge 🎨

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🌿 Abundant Nature and Prosperous Farming

Teshima is an idyllic island, a sanctuary where nature and art coalesce. Renowned for its lush vegetation, seasonal fruits, and a fishing culture steeped in tradition, Teshima burgeons with life and is iconic for its contemporary art contributions.

🎭 Teshima Art Museum

At the heart of the island lies the Teshima Art Museum, a masterpiece birthed from the genius of artist Rei Naito and architect Ryue Nishizawa. An epitome of serenity and structural elegance, the museum, shaped like a resting water droplet, sits gracefully amidst restored rice terraces, offering a sanctuary where art, nature, and architecture meld into one harmonious existence.

🖼️ Art Installations Amid Nature

Teshima‘s landscape is adorned with contemporary art installations embedded within its natural beauty. The groundwater-springing exhibits at the museum and artworks dispersed across the island invite a journey of exploration and admiration, unveiling the enchanting dance between art and nature.

🚴 Explore the Artistic Landscape

Venture beyond the museum to discover art in unexpected places. The Teshima Yokoo House epitomizes the synergy of art and architectural mastery. A bicycle ride across the island reveals art installations and architectural wonders, each narrating a tale of harmony between human creativity and natural splendor.

🎨 Setouchi Triennale

Teshima proudly hosts the Setouchi Triennale, a grand celebration of art held every three years. The island transforms into an art sanctuary, echoing the dialogues of various artworks that adorn its landscape, beckoning art enthusiasts from around the globe.

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🏞️ Embark on the Journey

Teshima is more than an island; it’s a living canvas where nature’s brush strokes dance with human artistic expressions. The narrative of harmony, beauty, and coexistence is painted vividly, inviting you to immerse in this world where art and nature coexist. Your exploration begins here.